Actual Content. Woot

Hello everyone with any interest today we will be talking about Sports Day. In fact the likelihood is that we’ll be talking about Sports Day for the rest of the week. Fellow JET’s can probably happily skip this week as undoubtedly I’ve told them all about it but for everyone else, well prepare to be thrilled. By which I mean prepare to be mildly diverted. Sports Day is somewhat emblematic of Japan as a whole really. Vaguely recognisable on the surface but underneath so deeply weird that you just cannot fathom it no matter how hard you try. I mean I grasp the fundamental principles behind Japanese culture but I don’t think I will ever truly understand them. Anyway enough of that, lets look at some kids marching.Tedious? Yup, tedious as hell but I wanted to try and present the true Sports Day experience. An unpleasantly large amount of my time in the lead up to Sports Day was spent watching kids marching around a field (well a yard really) and it was much, much more tedious than that video, trust me. Also don’t worry all the other videos are much more interesting. Anyway this is how Sports Day begins, much tedious, tedious, mind numbingly tedious marching. All set to dull unoffensive music. And yet its also a little bit scary. You can see the echoes of Imperial Japan and if the msuic were just a little bit less unoffensive it might genuinely have frightened me.


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