An exercise I’ve been doing with my kids recently is to take a cartoon character and have them use 5 sentences to describe the character. i.e.

I have a good friend
He likes flying
His favourite food is dorayaki
He is blue
He is a cat
Who is it?
It’s Doraemon!

They must use he/she likes and his/her favourite is for at least one of the sentences. Fairly standard stuff all told and most of the answers range from terrible to similar to my example.

But some of the responses are utter genius so I’m sharing them with you all.

He became a rubber boy.
Suddenly with eating a nut.

This is for the one piece character Monkey D. Luffy. It’s entirely true but a) I’m surprised that any of my kids knew the word “suddenly” and b) its just a joyous pair of sentences.

His head is very decious
He is a hero
His friend is jamojisan

This is for Anpan Man a super-hero whose bread is made of an-pan (bread filled with a sort of sweet bean paste) so yes I guess his head is “decious”.

He can change face to face
He can fly
He can eat face
He likes to fight
His favourite attack Anpunch

And apparently Anpan Man can eat his own face. Japanese entertaiment everyone, self-cannibalism.

He is a bear
He is yellow
His favourite food is honeys
He is fat
He is handsome and cute

In case you didn’t guess, this is Winnie the Pooh (whom the Japanese know as Pooh-San). What you might not know is that my students think my father looks like Winnie the Pooh. Well cheer up Dad you are both handsome and cute. And fat apparently.

He is food
He doesn’t like water
He has a round face
He is the world a hero
His rival is baikinman

Anpan Man again. I just laugh at “he is food”.

He likes peach
He doesn’t like koopa
His favourite food is mushroom
He is from mushroom kingdom
He is a game player

This one impressed me because Mario wasn’t even one of the characters I gave for them to use. It also impressed my students because I guessed it was Mario with the first 3 lines and they had no idea anyone outside Japan knew who Mario was.

Cat look like
Your in ninja
Girl a disguise!!

High Surrealist poetry clearly. And those exclamation marks are in the original too.


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