More High Surrealist Art

So not much blogging went on last week did it.

In all honesty the schedule I set for myself is seeming less and less realistic as the weeks drag on so I need to rethink how this blog is going to work.

In the meantime here’s more of my kids work on the “Who is it?” game.

He flies
He likes fight
His hair is yellow
He is a hero
He likes Adam

I didn’t realise that Goku held me in such high regard.

He’s live in U.S.J.
He’s a star
He’s a bog
His friends yellow bard
He’s a white

This would be Snoopy. As amusing as “he’s a bog” is its the fact that he lives in U.S.J. that always gets me. No he bloody doesn’t.

He is delicate eye
He is golden hair
He is delicate clothes
He is don’t show off
He is a planet

Also Goku. Now I know Dragonball Z pretty well but I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what this kid was trying to say. God only knows what he thought delicate meant.

He likes flying
He doesn’t like water and kabinranrun
His favourite pet is cheese
He is from a bread factory
He is a hero!

How can you not laugh at “his favourite pet is cheese”. And yet this is entirely true, as Anpan Man has a dog whose name is cheese.

Japan worries me sometimes.

He is handsome
He is a soccer player
His a wife is cute

David Beckham, and that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone call Victoria Beckham cute in quite a while.

He is a baseball player
He like baseball
He live Amerika
He is left handed person
He is a human being player

It was all going so well until that last line wasn’t it.

He was a member of Orix Bluewater
now he is in marihazu
laser beams

I guessed in a bit that marihazu laser beams is a team name but I prefer to imagine that the kid got bored and started thinking about laser beams.

a girl
girl works for a superman
it so cute

………..not a clue but vaguely sexist I think.

He is a baseball player
He plays baseball


He likes imerg

This was Snoopy and frankly I don’t know where to begin.


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