Sometimes I am frightened.

Looky looky I finally got my hit counter app working properly. Admire it’s pristine set of zeroes for they shan’t exist for long.

In fact they will automatically switch to a 1 by the time you see this.


Anyway as promised I am now sticking to a regular update schedule. This weekend should see me finally post about my trip to Himeji (which isn’t worth the wait really but has some awesome photographs) but until then please enjoy more examples of my kids messed up and sometimes frightening English work.

This exercise was called Kocho-sensei’s monkey and is basically the bishops cat but written down. For example I drew a monkey and wrote the sentence “kocho-sensei’s monkey is….” and they had to finish it using every letetr of the alphabet.

For some reason they didn’t grasp that he was a monkey.
A and B were pretty uninteresting.

C – Kocho sensei’s monkey is cute

Every group wrote this and that tells you all you need to know about Japan.They love cute stuff here.

D – Kocho sensei’s monkey is dead/dying/die/die/dlag

Out of these groups one group didn’t come up with an answer, one came up with dlag which, frankly I have no idea about and everyone else killed the monkey….which I’m a little freaked out by.

E – Kocho sensei’s monkey is easy

The little tramp!

F – Kocho sensei’s monkey is fanny
I know they meant to write funny but nonetheless *giggle* fanny.

G – Kocho sensei’s monkey is India
……….what?……..oh right I think he means Indian.

J – Kocho sensei’s monkey is Jack

Again … what exactly did they mean by this?

J – Kocho sensei’s monkey is June
No he isn’t, he’s a monkey, not a month.

M – Kocho sensei’s monkey is man [sic]

No, he’s a monkey

M – Kocho sensei’s monkey is mine

No, he’s kocho sensei’s

O – Kocho sensei’s monkey is octobus

Putting aside for the moment the image of some kind of 8 tentacled method of transportation, no he’s not he’s a monkey.

P – Kocho sensei’s monkey is pig [sic]


Q – Kocho sensei’s monkey is question

Actually that’s Renee Montoya ( link for all those that didn’t get the reference )

U – Kocho sensei’s monkey is unclean

This one impressed me

U – Kocho sensei’s monkey is U.F.O.

Whereas this is just someone writing down the only word they can think of beginning with a u.

V – Kocho sensei’s monkey is victory

For some reason every single group wrote this.

W – Kocho sensei’s monkey is wrong

Hey don’t judge kocho sensei’s monkey, he’s just doing his thing.

Z – Kocho sensei’s monkey is ziblar

I entirely agree


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