Sorry Guys.

Sorry everybody but despite my New Year’s resolution being never to skip a blog post I have no choice today. A combination of a changing schedule, a procrastinating JTE and an ALT meeting means that tomorrow I have a lesson and no particular idea what exactly we’re doing although I do have a general idea. Accordingly tonight I’ve had to make loads of resources and haven’t had time to blog.

I probably won’t be able to pick up the slack Wednesday either as I have to complete my Japanese exams and that is my night set aside to study Japanese.

So to tide you over here is a picture of some Engrish I noticed recently.

“It is strong in time and it is gently to time tough at time”

Also here’s something I’ve been meaning to post for a while.
Pan-kun and James is the story of a chimpanzee in overalls called Pan-kun and a Bulldog with a backpack called James. They live in a house with a man who makes them complete human tasks like buy lunch or join the fire service.

Here they are tasked with buying some shoes.
This is easily my favourite TV show in Japan as unlike the anime I enjoy I can grasp the plot of this even in Japanese.

Also I get to see the spectacle of a monkey wearing high heels and who doesn’t love that.

See you Thursday folks when I’ll be showing you my Osaka Aquarium photos. I promise a penguin parade.

  1. Fran said:

    Bizarrely, that’s not in Japanese at all. Is it supposed to be? That’s some other language I’m sure… not even sure the subtitles are Japanese (although thats more likely as my kanji is non existant). Odd.


  2. Adam said:

    I pulled that clip from youtube so frankly it could be in any language. I know that they show pan-kun in Korea and Germany.It is a Japanese show though and I have seen him on Japanese TV.


  3. Fran said:

    Ahh, Korean fits the bill much more.


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