Some of you have heard of Dragonball Z. Dragonball and Dragonball, for the unenlightened is the most awesome anime ever created. Now don’t get me wrong here, by no conventional standard is Dragonball what one would call “good”. However this matters little because it’s awesomeness transcends feeble notions of “quality” or “making any damn sense”.

Fox is currently engaged in making a Dragonball film, however thinking about the sheer travesty they have produced for any length of time makes me want to drown my head in the toilet. Instead please watch this, it is better than any Dragonball film that ever will be made.

(I lose geek points if I don’t mention this but Gohan’s costume is wrong. He is dressed in his disguise as the great saiyaman, a piss-take of western super-hero comics that Akira Toriyama decided to randomly throw in during a tournament storyline because he was bored. Gohan only wore that costume in one storyline and it wasn’t this one. I’m willing to let it slide though becasue the great saiyaman and anything to do with the great saiyaman is also awesome. Here endeth the lesson)


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