Vertical Bow, Seppuku, etcetera


No, really, I’m sorry.

It has been now, over a month since my last post. And prior to that I had only produced 3 posts in the whole of August.

This is unforgivable etiquette guys and I unreservedly apologise.

I suspect that any small following I had built up on this blog have now deserted me and so I am going to have to start a long slog to regain credibility and respectability.

to give my reasons, not my excuses, but my reasons, for the lack of posts will do little to help regain lost fans but it should at least help anyone coming across this site in future understand what happened.

Basically it was the old story. Work. Work is actually where I wrote most of my blog posts and at home I merely fixed format issues and added photos. Just recently (well, since September began anyway) I have been horrendously busy at work and almost totally devoid of free time.

In the past this hasn’t stopped my blogging as I would instead do a write up at home. However, I have also been very busy at home of late too. It used to be the case that I would have my entire evening free every night of the week and I would use this time to clean, blog, etc.

However as of a month ago I am no living in sin with my long time girlfriend. Whilst this is wonderful it has sapped my free time like you wouldn’t believe. Coupled with the fact that my new school is over an hour’s commute away and finishes half an hour later than my old school (meaning I lose about an hour and 10 minutes in the evenings) and it all adds up to a simple formula.

Less time to write posts at work, less time in the evening total, more things to do in the evening = no blog posts.

That said, I am absolutely determined not to let this state of affairs continue.

I will finish up Tokyo, possibly tomorrow but probably not for quite some time. But more importantly, starting Tuesday there will once again be a post every single Tuesday and Thursday.

By way of an apology here is an amazing short clip from a Japanese TV show called “Enta no Kamisama” (the god of entertainment) where a man undresses in 7 seconds.

Enta no Kamisama has been endlessly reccomended to me by my students. I should listen to them more.


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