100th post!

100 posts everyone.

I could have whipped up some kind of impressive new banner or some sort of retrospective on the nearly 2 years that Mummyboon has been up and running but i thought that would have been boring and self congratulatory.

Instead let’s talk about the one thing that really defines this site.


3 new flavours to discuss today.

Tiramisu flavour

Picked up in Kyoto at the weekend as part of a trip that will definitely make it to this site eventually. Probably on Thursday.

The packaging is unusual in that it is a single regular sized finger. Usually when nestle makes a single fingered kit-kat it is slightly thicker than a regular finger. Frankly I feel that something has gone very, deeply wrong with the world of kit-kats when a regular sized single finger is considered an acceptable product. We need to be very careful here people. Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile. First it was the special flavours but soon all kit-kats will be sold purely as single fingers and then civilization as we now it will collapse in an apocalypse fueled by insufficient quantities of biscuit.

…. I may have drifted a bit there.

Anyway, not been a big fan of tiramisu in general and coffee flavoured chocolate even less so I was not really looking forward to sampling the new tiramisu kit kat.

And it tastes…

Actually it tastes kind of bland at first. The initial bites are pretty tasteless, sweet but with no definite flavours. The after taste has a very strong coffee note that is very pleasant and surprisingly complex. I would even go so far as to say that it tastes of tiramisu. But it is overpowered by the sweetness. In fact this may be the sweetest kit-kat I have ever eaten.

I understand why it is packaged as a single finger now. It is so sweet that I am struggling to finish even one finger. 2 fingers would be such concentrated sweetness that it may prevent my tongue from ever tasting anything ever again.

Maccha Tiramisu

Matcha (spelled Maccha for some reason on this packet) is the strongest and bitterest of all Japanese green teas. It is never served as leaves but rather made into a powder of such an emerald hue that it calls to mind the mutagenetic ooze that turned the teenage mutant ninja turtles from ordinary reptiles into fighting ninja teens.

It is also bloody awful. Well that isn’t really fair but it is terribly, terribly bitter. Much bitterer than the strongest espresso I have ever had. For this reason the Japanese usually eat a very sweet tasting snack with the tea to cut the strong flavour. Traditionally this was a daifuku, dango or wagashi but nowadays it commonly can be a kit-kat. A matcha flavoured kit-kat then completely defeats the purpose of a kit-kat.

And it is also another example of this appalling new packaging strategy. Blegh!

So, how does it taste…?

Well, like the other tiramisu offering the first bite is pretty bland and the real flavour is in the after taste. Again the after taste is nicely complex and really evokes the flavour it is meant to. Pleasantly it is significantly milder than the other tiramisu and nowhere near as sweet. Whether this is because it has less sugar or because the matcha flavour somehow cuts the sweet notes I do not know but overall I’d say this is one of nestle’s better efforts.

Still annoyed about the packaging though.

Cookie Kit-Kat

One of the odder new varieties to burst onto the scene recently is the cookie kit-kat.

Whilst most varieties only change the chocolate coating and leave the wafer intact the cookie kit-kat has a different strategy. It inserts a layer of oreo like biscuit between the top layer of wafer and the chocolate.

The result…?

Pure bliss.

The oreo-esque biscuit has a much richer and bitterer chocolate flavour than the cheap nestle chocolate on the outside (or an oreo for that matter). The clash of the three different textures and the two different chocolate flavours is exciting, interesting (for your tongue at least, which needs stimulation y’know) and pure joyful chocolate ecstasy.

It’s a subtle one. It’s charms are not obvious but it is a massive improvement on the standard model without any of the usual drawbacks.

AND… it is one of the more common “premium” line that are slightly thicker than a regular finger and thus not an abomination unto the chocolately god “avabrew” like these horrible single finger efforts.

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  1. Hi sonI know you did English Lit and not maths but are you sure this is your 100th post by my rekoning2007 = 222008 = 652009 = 7 =94?or am I missing something?Anyway keep up the good work and by the way just how many flavours of Kit Kat have you tried?love Dad xxx


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