Mummyboon is not Dead.

Huge apologies for the lack of updates guys.

I’ve had several irons in the fire recently re: extra-curricular projects and it has reduced my ability to blog.
Ordinarily I’d squeeze out something small and insignificant but the problem is that I’ve been sitting on an absolutely massive blog post that will take a lot of work. It’s also something very original and special and I want to get it right.
I should get it posted tomorrow.
After that and starting from next week I’m going to set myself a target of doing a post 5 days a week. This will likely mean many shorter posts and I don’t expect I will hit this target but I am nonetheless going to try and see what happens. Hopefully I can get some more work out and re-establish a routine.
Until then please enjoy some more brilliant engrish from my students.

I was able to spend the winter break very enhanced.  It said to the New Year’s day visit to a shrine in the sinto shrine at the New Year, the sealed lucky bag was bought, it went to play, and it played with the cousin. It was very happy. I want you to come at the sprng vacation early.


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