Intercontinental Kit-Kat Reviews

So just when I thought I had escaped Nestle pulls me back in. That’s right everyone it’s time for some more patented Mummyboon Kit-Kat reviews.

So before moving to Japan the flavours of Kit-Kat available in the U.K. were chocolate and…

…sometimes orange chocolate?

Alright that isn’t quite fair, Nestle did come out with limited editions, mint and white chocolate have been bandied about every so often but they don’t do anything nearly as ambitious as Japan, which brings out a new flavour once every 2 or 3 months and often tries to go for something bizarre and unique. And that’s not including the flavours only available in certain prefectures or even certain shops only!

So it was going to take something special for Nestle to lure me back into the kit-kat reviewing business, however, they actually managed to do it. How? Well not by inventing an off the wall new flavour but by coming up with a really interesting new marketing gimmick.

See, these flavours we’re reviewing today are actually in direct competition with each other. Kit-Kat has launched a contest featuring four different flavours and asking consumers to vote which one should be added to their line up permanently. Voters could register their choice through the Kit-Kat chunky facebook page. Unfortunately voting closed on the 24th of February. This is because I am incredibly lazy and have not got around to doing this review for nearly a month, sigh.

On a slight tangent, why are chocolate bars allowed their own facebook page now? Chocolate bars don’t have interesting photos, they can’t share their thoughts in a status update and they, and here is the crucial part here, can’t have friends. You can’t be friends with a chocolate bar. You can love a chocolate bar. You can probably have sex with a chocolate bar but you can’t have an amicable relationship with one. Kit-Kats can do many things but they can’t play Mario Kart and that is kind of my baseline of who I consider to be a friend.

Anyway I was sufficiently intrigued by the promotion to try every flavour. I’d say that means their ad campaign is a success but I am hardly a normal punter. I voluntarily ate a banana kit-kat despite having a life long hatred of bananas and banana flavoured things. I think at this stage I can’t really be described as having a normal relationship with kit-kats. I still wouldn’t say I’m friends with one though.

Alright enough waffle, lets have a look at the packaging.

Impressively the packaging has a set theme in the design. This is the kind of design professionalism that Nestle Japan never even considers, these are all in competition so let’s make them all look the same. It’s a simple concept but trust me I appreciate that design sense after some of the abominations I’ve had to look at.

The design is pretty simple but still has 5 main elements, the colour, the rosette, the kit-kat logo, a banner saying it is a “New” chunky and giving the flavour and a link to the facebook page to vote.

3 of the 5 are purely practical elements and haven’t had much thought put into them. The kit-kat logo is the same as always, the facebook link is just that (although it is shoved off the side slightly which I appreciate as it stops the design being too cluttered) and the banner is descriptive. The banners are slightly changed for each product in the way they describe the flavours. Double Choc has a big blocky font with a dark brown block shadowing (implying a doubling), orange is, well, orange and has a funkier more modern font, Peanut Butter has a classier font almost like an arial and white choc has something too dull for me to bother writing about.

Not a lot of thought put into any of them unfortunately which is a shame as presumably these will be the permanent logos if the flavour wins.

The colours again are what we would expect. White Choc is white, Double Choc is brown, etc. Peanut Butter and Double Choc both have a swirling photo graphic which is kind of pointless. Orange is the winner here having not only a bright eye catching orange (seriously, for such a vibrant colour there aren’t many chocolate bars coloured orange. There’s more purples and purple is kind of a muted colour that doesn’t stand out on a shelf at all) but a nice contrasting green rosette and a orange peel photo effect. If we’re going by appearance orange wins hand down.

The Rosette is the bets design element by far. It’s eye-catching. It describes the contest and it thematically tie in with the idea of a contest.

Ah, but we’re not going by appearance only. At Mummyboon we also have to eat the kit-kats, and that’s where the fun begins.


White chocolate was the first one I opened and it gave me a massive shock.

Not because of the white chocolate, that was expected, or the smell, which, again as expected, smells of white chocolate.

No, because they’ve changed the design of a kit-kat chunky. It’s now broken up into 3 chunks each with the kit-kat logo embossed on it. Last time I ate a Kit-Kat chunky it was one continuous bar with the words chunky raised off the chocolate. I almost dropped the bar in surprise.

And that’s the only interesting thing to say about it. It’s a wafer covered in white chocolate. If you like white chocolate (which I do) its perfectly nice. If you don’t like white chocolate then why are you eating a white chocolate kit-kat? Unless you’re some kind of kit-kat reviewing masochist.


For some reason I had assumed that the chocolate used for the double choc would be darker than regular kit-kat chocolate. I don’t know why but something about the packaging had given me that impression. Thus this was another disappointing one when I opened it and saw (and smelled) the old familiar kit-kat chocolate.

Breaking it open we’ve got 3 layers of wafer, a layer of darker chocolate cream and all covered by regular (terrible) kit-kat chocolate.

On the eating of it the substitution of cream for more chocolate totally changes the texture. This is not all that, chunky, not like a regular kit-kat chunky is or the white chocolate one anyway. It’s crispy, sure but it has a smoother, almost velvety part to it. It’s a nice mix actually.

The chocolate cream is darker than the coating and is really nice. Rich, chocolatey, velvety. It’s pretty good for a standard candy bar. Unfortunately it’s all covered in regular kit-kat chocolate and I had forgotten that I don’t actually like regular kit-kats at all. The chocolate tastes of nothing except sweet, airy vacant sweet. No cocoa flavour at all or even a milk flavour, And it has this bizarre chemically after taste like eating artificial sweetener straight from the packet without dissolving it in something. The after taste problem is cured by tea (which is nice and bitter and cuts the sweetness) but I always pictured a chunky as more of a straight chocolate bar than a tea accompaniment so that doesn’t excuse it at all.


Chocolate that is darker than the Double Choc’s coating and smells really strongly of Oranges to boot. This is off to a good start. There’s no coloured chocolate (always a death knell for fruit flavours) and darker colours might mean it tastes of cocoa rather than sweeteners and insect husks, lets try it and see.

Oh that is nice. That is exactly what you want from Orange Chocolate. I tastes of oranges, it tastes of chocolate. That might sound glib but I don’t take anything for granted when it comes to kit-kat flavours. I mean the Double Choc doesn’t taste of chocolate and yet is supposed to be twice as chocolatey as a regular flavour. But this is chocolatier by far. It’s a nice complex rich flavour, sour orange notes, bitter chocolate notes, sweet sugar notes. It rolls around the tongue and really satisfies the whole palate. And no chemically after taste. This might actually be one of the best kit-kats I’ve had. And it’s the lowest in calories of all the entrants to boot.


I like peanut butter and I love peanut butter and chocolate combinations. You get the sweet and bitter in the chocolate and savoury from the peant butter which gives a lovely rich combo that hits all the notes of your palate. Peanut Butter sweets are all the rage in America but oddly have never been that popular in the U.K. You could buy chocolate bars with whole peanuts in them but no peanut butter. Recently that’s changed with Reeses starting to sell their products in U.K. supermarkets and it’s nice to see more Peanut Butter stuff hit the shelves. I am actually really looking forward to this, lets see what it’s like.

So breaking it open we get 3 layers of wafer, a layer of peanut butter and all wrapped in traditional kit-kat chocolate (sigh).

In theory this should be really nice. For starters the peanut butter is actually pretty good, it’s savoury and salty but still sweet and has a nice creamy mouth feel rather than the stickiness you sometimes get with peanut butter. The combo of chocolate and peanut butter is always a winner and the wafer adds some nice texture too, turning it from smooth peanut butter into something with some crunch and bite.


… it’s regular kit-kat chocolate, and that’s just not very nice. Whilst the orange flavour stepped up the game there, this is content to just throw some peanut butter in and call it a day. That would be fine if the horrible chocolate didn’t overpower everything. If the after taste was lovely peanut butter this might be my winner but as it is the after taste is like drain cleaning fluid. I mean this tastes like it could remove grease from an oven, or the inside of my mouth, if that were greasy, which it isn’t, much.

So which is the winner? Well astonishingly it’s the Orange flavour. I am genuinely surprised by this as going into this I fully expected the peanut butter flavour to come out tops. I love peanut butter and chocolate and I was looking forward to that flavour the most. But all the strengths it has ( a complex flavour that hits the whole palate) are shared by the orange flavour yet that flavour just adds so much more. Richer darker chocolate, a nicer smell, a nicer after taste and by far the best packet design. In fact although I didn’t talk about it much the White Choc probably takes the number 2 spot. I guess what this tells us is that I don’t actually like kit-kats all that much and the further away from the traditional kit-kat nestle gets the more I like them.

Sadly voting is closed but I’m going to keep an eye on the results and as soon as their announced I’ll get this blog updated.


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