Bonus Mummyboon: More Pokemon News

So this is a thing that happened today

I theorised that we’d probably get Mega Evolutions for the new three starters in X and Y but I did not expect them to go back and come up with Mega Evolutions for the original three.

I’ll be critiquing the actual designs when we finally get a list of all the pokemon that are going to be in this game (which should be soon right, we’re less than two months away and have still seen hardly any monsters) and I do a full design review but just briefly I like Charizard and Blastoise a lot but Venusaur still looks incredibly derpy I’m afraid.

The Digimon comparisons feel even more apt with the use of weird wrist devices to trigger evolution. Now weird devices to trigger evolution have existed in Pokemon before, evolution stones, weird rocks, etc but again they were permanent changes to your monster. Using some kind of weird device to temporarily shape shift your monster and power it up is entirely Digimon’s shtick and it feels weird to have it in a Pokemon game.

And as if that weren’t weird enough going back and doing it to the original three feels even weirder. These three guys are up there with Pikachu as the first things most people think of when they think of Pokemon, messing with them just seems, ill advised to me. I’d prefer these guys to be left alone really to stand as all time classics but adding something new doesn’t take the old stuff away agin so whatever. And hey if 10 year olds think Charizard is cool again I’m fine with that.

Still I am happy I can play with a Kanto starter again. Since I have a Venusaur and a Blastoise saved on my current game I guess I can get a Charizard, and add Mewtwo, Golem and Zapdos to it and recreate my old Gen 1 team.


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  1. Reblogged this on GamerXnewS and commented:
    Those are the 3 best pokemon for me! the 3 original, lover charmander and his eveolutions, and now mega charizard, just love it!


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