Why You No Post?!

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up and an apology but we’re going into low content mode for a while on Mummyboon.

I recently landed a new job that is great for me and allows me to exercise a lot more creativity and scratch my writing itch.

It has two drawbacks though.

Firstly it takes up a lot of the time I would otherwise have spent writing and working on this blog.

Secondly after spending a day of writing I don’t necessarily want to come home and write some more.

In addition to that November is National Novel Writing Month and I’m going to try and finish my novel in it so any free time I do have to dedicate to writing needs to be directed towards that.

All of which has combined to make it basically impossible to update my blog right now.

I’m not abandoning Mummyboon forever though, far from it. I still need to finish my look back at X-Force, I still need to finish Teenage Mutant Ninja Origins and there is a whole new pokemon game out that I need to review the designs for. I am constantly thinking up content that I can add to this blog.

However don’t expect anything until December and even then service is likely to be spotty until next February.

Once again I apologise to any followers I do have. Stick with me guys, I’ll be back.




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