Too tired for a proper post right now faithful readers so it is odds and ends time again.

Beginning with yet more fabulous Engrish from my students.

This weeks offerings are statements written from memory that my students said to me during their interview tests.


“I am my grandmother”


“I helped cook my mother.”

“I exerted a cultural festival.”


And finally


“It was doog.”

Holy Balls of Fire Batman the Earth is Exploding

For those of you who don&t follow the news in Japan (and why should you really) a Volcano has just exploded in the Nagano Prefecture.

There is a video at the link with more details.

And this is a time lapse video of the actual eruption.

I was bitterly jealous that I was missing out on Britain’s worst snowstorm for 30 years but now I am excited again! I live in a country with active volcanoes.

Oh Crap.


(but seriously no damage whatsoever has been reported. Japanese people seem naively trusting of natural disasters but even here people tend to avoid mountains that hurl things at you periodically)

Shameless Shilling

A friend of mine living in Japan has recently launched a blog.

I’m adding it to the links roll. Go check it out if you’re bored at work, some of it is funny stuff.

Would you like to see a brain in a jar?

I seem to be posting a lot of links today but here is one more about haikyo, or derelict sites in Japan. Apparently this person found a derelict doctor’s surgery complete with medical instruments and a preserved brain in a jar in the middle of nowhere.

I can’t decide if this is the most frightening or the most awesome thing I have ever heard. I am however intrigued by this haikyo thing and I aim to do a bit more reading up on it.

In fact whilst I’m at it here is another haikyo in a hotel.

It’s fascinating that in a country with such a premium on space that this can happen.

Tomorrow; forget it baby, it’s China Town.

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