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Most of you reading this, indeed nearly everyone that will ever read it already knows who I am. However, on the hopeful dream that one day this blog becomes massively famous and is read by millions, millions that then subsequently come back to the very first post in order to read everything, and my isn’t this sentence long, I will include some brief stuff about me.

My name is Adam Halls. I come from Leeds in West Yorkshire in the North of England. I have a degree in English Literature from Newcastle University and as of August 2007 I have been living in Japan as an assistant teacher of English.

It’s fairly mental here as you might imagine.

The basic reason this blog exists is that, although I have aspirations to be a successful writer one day I am unfortunately very lazy. I am especially lazy after a day at work. Particularly after hard work. Particularly hard work in a climate that is doing its level best to kill me. Particularly hard work in a hot climate that also requires me to get up stupidly early and so go to bed stupidly early too and….well you get the picture.

I started off well. I kept a diary and sent home detailed mini-novellas of my exploits. However I have far too quickly dropped out of the habit.

Instead I will have something, anything, about Japan on this blog every Sunday to Thursday. I reckon that just forcing myself to write something every day will keep me in good habits. Friday and Saturday are of course reserved for drinking and doing interesting things. Hopefully that’s a schedule I can stick to.

What this all boils down to is an apology to everyone back home that I’ve been ignoring. I would love to tell you all about what I’ve been doing in Japan. Indeed I would like to do nothing more. But since I started working I’ve been too tired and have had no enthusiasm for writing. So everything I’ve been doing for the past few weeks will be related in this space.

I want to particularly apologise to Jodi who sent me an e-mail that I totally ignored. I didn’t mean to Jodi but time just got away from me.

Anyway enough with the formalities and onto the fun stuff. You may be wondering, “why the hell is this site called Mummyboon?” Well it is in fact named for a t-shirt I bought featuring a mummy and the slogan.

“Mummyboon: That just drive along well a move it”

Wise words that we could all stand to contemplate I think.

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